Neck Lifting

Face and neck skin ageing is influenced by many factors, including lifestyle, sun exposure, gravitation, and genetics. Face and neck ageing process is unavoidable. Each person is getting older differently. Some people get their wrinkles apparent earlier, and others – later. The first signs of face and neck skin ageing are: sagged skin, eyebrows slipped down, and lower eyelid bags. Wrinkles around nose also start to form. Chin loses its appearance, due to deformation of lower cheek plastic line and neck, resulted by wrinkles. Nose becomes longer optically and small wrinkles cover a face. They are particularly noticeable if a person’s skin is thin or he/she enjoys long sunbathing.

Neck lifting surgery can be made separately or in combination with face lifting, eyelid plastic surgery (Blepharoplasty), forehead lifting or surgical nose correction (Rhinoplasty). In all cases, incisions for neck lifting surgery are hidden underneath hair or behind the ears. You should remember that neck lifting surgery does not stop natural ageing process, it just turns the clock of life backwards.

The optimum time for neck lifting surgery is the time, when the first signs of aging become noticeable on a woman or man’s face, but the face and neck skin is still elastic and the facial bone structure is well-expressed. Usually it happens at the age of 40-60.

Today immoderate sunbathing and some other factors lead to the increasing number of people with untimely skin ageing. Usually a clearly noticeable damage to skin is also caused by a sharp decrease of weight which is followed by sagging skin of the face and neck.

A patient, who is considering the possibility of neck lifting surgery, should firstly consult with a plastic surgeon. Equal understanding of expected post-surgery results by a patient and plastic surgeon is important in order to achieve the optimum results of the surgery. Therefore a patient has to express frankly his/her expectations about a better appearance and self-feeling after surgery.

Tests: just like before any surgery certain blood and urine tests have to be done.

Surgery: during surgery, neck skin and muscles are lifted by making locking sutures. If required, the surgeon may remove some of the fat tissue from the neck. If a patient has an excessive double chin, a short incision is made under the chin in order to remove such deformation of his/her face. Swelling and bruising of a skin may last several weeks after the surgery. The neck becomes refreshed (revived), but a magical rejuvenation does not occur. The correction of neck wrinkles is made during the neck lifting surgery. Forehead, eyelid wrinkles and wrinkles around lips are tautened by additional interventions. After the surgery the neck and head are specifically bandaged.

Duration of the surgery: neck skin lifting takes about 3-5 hours.

Anaesthesia: the surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.

Scars: the incisions are made underneath hair or behind the ear in order to make them scarcely noticeable. On the next day after the surgery some of the sutures are taken out and special small plasters are put on their place in order to enhance the healing process and to make the scars even more unnoticeable. Scars always remain after surgery. They are unnoticeable, because the incisions are made in hidden areas. A scar becomes barely noticeable in one year.

Post-surgical period: the adaptation after the surgery lasts about a week. After the surgery skin patch around the incision is of a bright red colour that is gradually becoming less intense. During the first week after the surgery a patient has to wear a special bandage. After all the sutures are taken out and the swelling is almost gone, a patient can return back to his/her normal life, as well as use usual cosmetics. Post-surgery pain can be easily relieved by medications. Usually, pain lasts one or two days. Swelling and bruising is possible after surgery. The tissues will be swelling for the first 2 days, thus it is necessary to sleep on two pillows in order to keep head higher.

Complications: thousands of successful neck lifting surgeries are done every year. Nevertheless, a patient should be aware of possible risks and complications of neck lifting surgery. The possible risks and complications of neck lifting surgery should be explained in detail to you by the plastic surgeon. After a neck lifting surgery there is a possibility of hematoma occurrence, which, according to statistics, occurs for less than 5% of patients. Moreover, the following complications are also possible: injury of small nerve branches, which control neck muscles, infection, poor healing of the skin, which particularly occurs for patients who smoke. The neck skin sensation may also be impaired for several months; hypertrophic scars may appear on the neck and behind ears. After surgery, other complications, inherent in any surgical operation, may also occur.

Socially presentable: the results of neck rejuvenation will become visible in several weeks after surgery.

Important: just like before any surgery, but in particular before face surgeries, it is forbidden for a patient to smoke and use blood-thinning drugs. Compliance with pre-surgery recommendations directly reduces the risk of post-surgery complications. The statistics show that the post-surgery period after face rejuvenation is followed by a short-term depression and disappointment. Therefore it is normal if a patient feels depressed after the surgery. More that 50% of women wish to have a surgery combined with other procedures of skin rejuvenation – eyelid lifting, lip correction.


  • Neck plastic surgery
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