About VitkusClinic

VitkusClinic is located in Vilnius, in a calm Valakupiai district surrounded by nature and peace.

The building of the clinic is noble blue – the colour of hope and faith. Its’ wide windows allows enjoying the freshness of pinewood, the calmness of old apple-tree garden, and the pleasant sunlight.

The leader of the clinic is micro-surgeon prof. Kęstutis Vitkus, who is one of the best specialist in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery in Europe. The patients of the clinic named on behalf of its founder are offered exclusive care, because its’ medical staff includes highly-competent professionals.

It is one of just several plastic surgery clinics in the world, which is situated in a city but surrounded by nature. Professor’s experience and that of his team as well as the recent medical technologies allows performing the following reconstructive plastic surgeries at this clinic: face and neck skin rejuvenation, nose correction surgeries, breast plastic surgeries, and other body aesthetic corrections.

A plastic surgery specialist is a prerequisite to successful plastic surgery. Kęstutis Vitkus’s extensive experience and the knowledge of the whole staff of VitkusClinic allow ensuring that the Patients of our clinic are provided with the maximum of care, solicitude, prudence, and proficiency.

Here you can enjoy that sense of being far away from the rush, endless work, and duties. You are at cosy and safe home, where you are trusted in!

Standards of the Clinic

VitkusClinic ensures that all standards set for medical institutions of the highest level were met; we comply with all legislative requirements and have all necessary licences. The compliance with the standards ensures quality performance of aesthetic surgeries and provision of timely help, if needed. The implementation of standards is based on the extensive experience of specialists working in VitkusClinic. The patients can feel being in safe hands due to Professor Kęstutis Vitkus, who has more than 40 years of clinical work experience, and a large team of plastic and reconstructive surgeons as well as dermatology specialists.

Our work is based on medical mastership, the latest and the safest medical equipment as well as qualified post-surgical care. You can feel at the clinic as if being in safe and cozy home.