Hydrafacial Edge System is non-invasive skin cleansing and rejuvenation system. This type of cleansing allows recovering natural colour of skin, correcting damage made by the sun, and reducing small wrinkles. Changes can be notices immediately after procedure – skin becomes moisturised and fresher. No doubts it is the most pleasant procedure, like an hour in SPA centre, full of pleasure, relax, and self-attention. Hydrafacial covers facial skin cleansing, lymph drainage, acne treatment, etc.

The procedure consists of several basic stages:
1. Deep cleansing to moisturise skin and remove impurities.
2. Lymph drainage means gentle scrubbing of skin to remove dead skin. It stimulates the drainage of lymph and blood circulation, as well as the skin becomes stronger.
3. Painless cleansing of clogged skin pores and excess skin fat. This stage is particularly important to treat skin affected by acne. This type of skin is affected by increased sebum production, which causes painful acne to occur. Cleansing allows removing the excess of oil and cleaning the affected pores.
4. Skin saturation with antioxidants and moisteners. This stage allows maintaining the effect of cleansing longer. The skin becomes stronger, saturated with antioxidants and moisteners, so it can perfectly protect itself from contaminants. You can enjoy soft and clean skin longer after the procedure.

Procedural sensations
It is face skin cleansing procedure, which is absolutely painless and particularly pleasant, after which you will have a noticeably healthier skin and feel relaxed! Hydrafiacial procedure will pamper you by a gentle facial massage.

It takes about 60 minutes.

Cleaner skin can be noticed immediately after the procedure. Skin can be slightly reddish due to higher blood circulation, like after a massage.

Before procedure
Direct sunlight should be avoided and sunscreens should be used to protect skin. The pre-procedural stage will be discussed with the consulting doctor taking into account the purpose of the procedure and expected results.


  • Classic
    85 €
  • To maintain healthy facial skin
    95 €
  • For blotchy and oily skin
    105 €
  • Skin polishing and purification procedure
    105 €
  • For dry and dehydrated skin
    105 €
  • Luxury rejuvenation
    190 €
  • Diamond hydrodermabrasion
    135 €
  • Facial procedure for men
    120 €