Correction of Scars

INFINI system is used for correction of scars. The procedure perfectly suits to treat scars caused by acne. The fractional radiofrequency resurfacing and microneedling system exclusively intended to restore facial skin elasticity, as well as to treat scars. Unlike other radiofrequency systems, INFINI heals the skin from inside – it acts in the dermis where collagen is produced. The research showed that a triple effect of the procedure can be observed. First of all, the inflammation process is reduced in the formed scar, thus inhibiting scar formation. Secondly, collagen generation is stimulated, thus recovering skin elasticity. And finally, it promotes skin regeneration and the new cells help a scar heel. Microneedles allow radiofrequency waves reach a deeper layer of skin and get the desired result.

Sensitisation during procedure
An anaesthetising cream is applied on the face before the procedure, in order to ensure you feel comfortable during the procedure. A tingling caused by microneedles is felt during the procedure, however it is almost painless. A soothing cream is applied on the face after the procedure, in order to help redness disappear faster.

The specific technology allows applying this method for treatment of scars and uneven skin as well as restoring skin elasticity. Microneedling causes microscopic lesions to the skin, which stimulate regeneration of cells, therefore new and healthy skin is restored gradually. Some skin redness appears after the procedure, which makes you feel as if after sunbathing, but it usually disappears on the same day. The sense of tight and clean skin will appear within few days. It is resulted by skin regeneration processes – healthy skin is formed. You will notice that the scars are disappearing and becoming softer.

Before procedure
The procedure does not need preparation. It is not a laser procedure, therefore it is not necessary to use protection from sun exposure. Radiofrequency technology can be used even on tanned skin.

The doctors will provide you with detailed information about skin care after the fractional radiofrequency resurfacing and microneedling. Should you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact the clinic by phone or email.


  • Treatment of scars and acne scars
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