Breast Augmentation

Breasts have always been and still are a symbol of femininity and women’s sexual appeal. Unfortunately, not every woman has a form of her body she would like to have.

Thousands of breast augmentation surgeries are performed throughout the world every year. ASPS’ statistics show that 307 190 thousands of breast augmentation procedures were performed in USA in 2011. Based on the statistics, 97 percent of women would decide to have the surgery again and even 98 percent of women reported that the surgery has met their expectations. The average age of women, who decided to have breast augmentation, is 34 years. Women may become pregnant and breastfeed their babies after surgery of breast augmentation.

At our clinic you will be informed about all advantages and possible disadvantages of breast augmentation surgery. A surgeon will help you decide on the size of breasts as well as the method of plastic surgery to be applied.

We offer several breast augmentation surgery techniques: the first one, when the incision is done under areola (the area of pigmented skin around the nipple), and another one, when the incision is done under the breast. Together with the surgeon you will decide the position of implants – under mammary glands or under greater pectoralis muscles. You can also choose, whether to use implants or own fat for breast augmentation.

Duration of the surgery: 1-3 hours

Anaesthesia: the surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.

Post-surgical period: it is possible to leave the clinic on the next day after the surgery or stay at the clinic longer.

Scars: depending on the method of the surgery the scar may be from 3 to 5 cm. The usual method of surgery at our clinic is implanting through the incision under areola or under breast, what makes the scar barely visible. Sutures are taken out on the next day of the surgery.

Socially presentable: the return to work is possible in a few days after the surgery. However, sports or physical work is allowed only after a period of 4 to 6 weeks. We also recommend wearing a special bra for 4-6 weeks.

Breastfeeding: breast augmentation surgeries do not disturb their function, i.e. it is possible to conceive and breastfeed a baby after the surgery. After some time, upon your request, it is possible to replace the implants by bigger ones.

Important! Please do remember that the shape of implants and capsule around it may not allow assessing a mammography as normal, therefore a doctor who is performing a mammography test must be informed about breast implants. A more accurate method to examine breast tissues after augmentation is MRI. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular aesthetical surgeries.


  • Breast augmentation (incl. implants)
    from 320 € per month without any price increase in 10 months from 3200 €
  • Breast augmentation by patient’s own fat transfer
    250-290 € per month without any price increase in 10 months 2500-2900 €
  • Breast augmentation and tautening (incl. implants)
    450-520 € per month without any price increase in 10 months 4500-5200 €
  • Secondary breast augmentation (incl. implants)
    from 400 € per month without any price increase in 10 months from 4000 €