Doctors Julija Mozūraitienė

Julija Mozūraitienė

“Beauty and health is of great importance in our lives, they give us strength, self-confidence, joy, and happiness! Everybody wants to stay healthy, beautiful, and young for as long as possible! I love my work and I feel joy being able to help people have their dreams come true. A happy patient is the best gift and driving force to continue improving, working, and creating beauty.”

Doctor dermato-venereologist Julija Mozūraitienė has been working at VitkusClinic since 2013. She has been working in the field of aesthetical medicine for 10 years and was certified as a teacher of Allergan Aesthetical Academy in 2011.


• 1998-2004: studies at Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine;
• 2004-2005: internship at Vilnius University;
• 2005-2009: residency studies at Vilnius University, VULSK Centre of Dermato-venereology;
• Since 2015: doctoral studies at Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine.


• Since 2005: junior research assistant at the Institute of Oncology of Vilnius University, laboratory of cancerogenesis and tumour pathophysiology;
• Since 2011: doctor dermato-venereologist-oncologist at the Institute of Oncology of Vilnius University;
• Since 2011: certified teacher at Allergan Aesthetical Academy;
• Since 2013: doctor dermato-venereologist at VitkusClinic.

Qualification improvement

Every year doctor Julija Mozūraitienė improves her qualification in various scientific and practice conferences and workshops. Currently she teaches other doctors in the field of dermato-venereology. The doctor has improved her qualification with Lithuanian, Russian and Brazilian doctors and has had in trainings in Latvia, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Israel, Poland, and Finland.