Removal of Sporadic Haemangioma/Capillaries

Enlarged capillaries are a common complaint. As a result of genetics, our lifestyle or even drugs, skin capillaries lose their elasticity and may enlarge. Then they are noticed as a reddish pattern or redness on the face. Nowadays one of the most popular treatments of enlarged capillaries is laser removal thereof. For the purpose of removing enlarged capillaries the clinic uses the aesthetic dermatology laser Elite+. The capillaries absorb the heat generated by CynosureYag laser, what leads to their collapse. As a result, the effect of laser beam is noticed immediately. Such capillary closes and disappears over time.

Sensitisation during procedure
Laser impulses are felt as sudden thermal waves. Our clinic uses a special cool air system, which increases comfort during the procedure. The skin may feel as is after sunbathing after the procedure; the skin gently heats and tingles. Usually the discomfort disappears in several hours.

The duration of the procedure depends on the amount of enlarged capillaries. However, thanks to Elite+ which covers a larger skin area, the procedure takes just several minutes.

The first results will be noticeable after the first procedure. Since the capillaries are different in their size, one procedure can be insufficient to treat those larger ones. If it is observed that the redness remains, the procedure is repeated until the desired results are achieved.

After procedure
Enlarged capillaries on the face are usually caused by our way of living, smoking, sun exposure, and even unhealthy nutrition. As a result the problem tends to reoccur. In order to achieve the maximum results, the doctor will advise you on skin care, protection from sun, and way of living to ensure long-term effect.


  • Removal of sporadic capillaries, congenital port wine stains on body
    50 €
  • Removal of sporadic haemangioma, cherry angioma
    50 €
  • Removal of small, multiple haemangioma (1-3 mm)
    from 190 €
  • Removal of capillaries, full facial area
    180 €
  • Removal of capillaries, area around nose
    60 €
  • Removal of capillaries, full nasal area
    80 €
  • Removal of capillaries, cheek area
    from 100 €
  • Removal of capillaries, upper lip area
    40 €
  • Removal of capillaries, chin area
    50 €
  • Removal of capillaries, forehead area
    60-80 €
  • Removal of capillaries, both thighs
    from 190 €
  • Removal of capillaries, both shins
    from 190 €
  • Removal of capillaries, popliteal fossa
    85 €