Ear Bending

Ear bending surgeries are performed in order to adjust the form of ears and make them look more aesthetic. There are many reasons for ears to protrude – sometimes it happens because of insufficient development of the upper part of the ear conch, cartilage excess of the middle part of the ear conch. If boat-shaped fold of the ear is deep, then the ear cap is protruding. Each particular surgery depends on the reason, why ears protrude. Due to this reason some surgeries may be very simple or, on the contrary, very complicated. The purpose of the surgery is to make ears look naturally attractive to provide them with a normal level of protrusion. The results to a great extent depend on the readiness of a patient to changes.

Each patient requires individual approach. Only after examination, surgeon may choose the most effective technique for ear correction. In order to ensure the symmetry, the surgery is usually made on both ears. A combination of several methods is applied at VitkusClinic.

Duration of the surgery: about 1-2 hours.

Anaesthesia: the surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.

Post-surgical period: usually you may leave the clinic on the same or the next day of the surgery.

Scars: one centimetre long incision is made on the back side of the ear.

Socially presentable: you will be able to return to your work in 2-5 days, though you will have to wear a special bandage for a week. Later you will have to wear it only at night. It is recommended to avoid sports for several weeks, as accidental punch may affect the new form of the ear or cause bleeding.


  • Ear bending
    80-100 € per month without any price increase in 10 months 800-1000 €