Skin Tightening

Skin firmness is maintained by collagen and elastin. They are firm fibres, the generation of which becomes slower over time. However, now we have an irreplaceable method to bring back youthfulness to your skin. Laser impulses are absorbed in the derma. It is a deep layer of skin, where collagen and elastin generation is stimulated, thus inducing skin rejuvenation and tightening, as well as skin aging signs are eliminated. Our clinic uses the aesthetic dermatology laser Elite+ for skin tightening. Since derma is exceptionally exposed to laser, the top layer of skin is protected from damage, therefore the patient feels some tingling during the procedure.

Sensitisation during procedure
Laser impulses are felt as sudden thermal waves. Our clinic uses a special cool air system, which increases comfort during the procedure. The skin redness will occur after the procedure; tingling may also appear. However, the discomfort usually disappears in few days.

You may choose the area where skin tightening procedure will be applied. Various emotions that often appear on our face cause fatigue to the facial skin, thus it loses its elasticity faster than on the other parts of body. Usually it is neck or face. In comparison with other lasers, Elite+ covers a larger area on the skin, therefore the procedure is shorter and takes about half an hour.

Due to collagen and elastin generation which is stimulated in the derma, your skin will become firmer and more elastic. Fine wrinkles will disappear and skin colour will become smoother. In order to achieve long-lasting skin tightness, it is recommended to repeat the procedure within several weeks.

Before procedure
Direct sunlight should be avoided if the procedure is planned. Skin can be protected from sunlight using a sunscreen; do not use self tanning products. Your doctor will always provide you with more details.

The doctors will provide you with detailed information about skin care after the procedure. Should you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact the clinic by phone or email.


  • Skin tightening, full face
    500 €
  • Skin tightening, full face, neck and décolletage
    780 €
  • Skin tightening, full face, neck, décolletage and hands
    800 €