Removal of Pigmentary Stains

Pigmentary stains are caused by melanin accumulated in the skin – it is a skin pigment. If much time is spent affected by direct sunlight, smaller or larger stains appear on the facial skin over time. It is also affected by human genetics, therefore some people have more freckled skin than others. For the purpose of removing pigmentary stains the clinic uses the aesthetic dermatology laser Elite+. Alexandrite wavelength is perfectly absorbed by melanin, therefore it is suitable for removal of undesired dark hair. Elite+ is characterised by the opportunity to adapt it to any type of skin, therefore you can be sure that every procedure fits your skin best. The procedure is completely safe and clinically approved. The procedure is performed by competent doctors in our clinic. Removal of pigmentary stains using a laser is a new, particularly effective and quick method to rejuvenate skin and recover its solid colour.

Sensitisation during procedure
Laser impulses are felt as sudden thermal waves. Our clinic uses a special cool air system, which increases comfort during the procedure. The skin may feel as is after sunbathing after the procedure, however the redness disappears in several hours.

The durations of the procedure depends on the amount and size of pigmentary stains. However, since a wider skin area is treated by Elite+ at once, the facial skin procedure takes about 20 minutes.

The first results are noticeable after the first procedure. The procedures are repeated every month, thus allowing skin to clean itself from undesired cells. Dark stains are gradually becoming brighter and less noticeable; when satisfying result is achieved, the procedures are no longer needed. The number of procedures to achieve the desired effect depends on the size of stains and melanin content therein. Two procedures may be enough to remove small stains, meanwhile bigger stains need to be treated up to 5 times.

The doctors will provide you with detailed information about skin care after hair removal. Should you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact the clinic by phone or email.


  • Full facial area
    500 €
  • Face, neck, and décolletage areas
    700 €
  • Removal of pigmentary stain
    30 €
  • Forehead area
    70-90 €
  • Around eyes
    80 €
  • Nasal skin
    60 €
  • Cheek skin
    90-130 €
  • Chin skin
    55 €
  • Upper lip skin
    85 €
  • Neck area
    90 €
  • Décolletage area
    120-140 €
  • Upper arm area
    150 €
  • Lower arm area
    100 €
  • Shoulder area
    100 €
  • Hand area
    100 €
  • Back area
    280 €