Hair Removal

Laser hair removal, which is widely used, is a clinically tested and reliable method of depilation. For this purpose the clinic uses the aesthetic dermatology laser Elite+. Alexandrite wavelength is perfectly absorbed by melanin, therefore it is suitable for removal of undesired dark hair. Elite+ is characterised by the opportunity to adapt it to any type of skin, therefore you can be sure that every procedure fits your skin best. In opposition to others, this laser covers a larger area on the skin, therefore you can enjoy shorter procedure. Laser hair removal results in less time spent on skin care every day; moreover it is financially worthwhile. A course of procedures will allow you forget the depilation means, razors, and other painful, skin-irritating hair removal methods. The latest generation and state-of-the-art alexandrite laser is appreciated throughout the world due to its effectiveness and uninterrupted cooling technology, which means that a patent feels almost no discomfort during the procedure.

Sensitisation during procedure
Laser impulses are felt as sudden thermal waves. Our clinic uses a special cool air system, which increases comfort during the procedure. It provides less redness of the skin and better effect of the procedure.

The duration of the procedure depends on the skin area to be treated. However, thanks to Elite+ which covers a larger skin area, the procedure is particularly short. For example, the removal of hair on the upper lip takes just 5 minutes, meanwhile the procedure on armpits lasts about 15 minutes.

A long-lasting effect is achieved during the procedures. Hair growth significantly slows down after 4-6 procedures, so you can forget about hair for up to a year. Once having the first procedure you will already notice fallen hair, meanwhile the repeated procedures lead to less hair growth, as well as hair become weaker and thinner. In order to achieve a long-lasting effect, after the course of 4-6 procedures, it is repeated once or twice in a year.

Before procedure
In order to achieve the maximum result, proper preparation of hair is important before the procedure. Hair root is affected during the procedure, therefore depilation or pulling out of hair should not be performed 2 weeks before the procedure. Hair should be shaved with a razor. In addition, direct sunlight should be avoided if laser hair removal procedure is planned. Skin can be protected from sunlight using a sunscreen; do not use self tanning products. Hair should be shaved with a razor on the day of the procedure in order to achieve better comfort during the procedure. Moreover, if you are very sensitive to pain, we recommend taking a pain relieving pill (e.g. Ibuprofen) an hour before the procedure.

The doctors will provide you with detailed information about skin care after hair removal. Should you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact the clinic by phone or email.


  • Eyebrows
    30 €
  • Upper lip
    30 €
  • Ears/nose
    40 €
  • Chin
    45 €
  • Cheeks (both)
    60 €
  • Neck
    60 €
  • Shoulder line
    70 €
  • Nape
    40 €
  • Armpits (both)
    80 €
  • Breast (male)
    80 €
  • Abdomen (male)
    80 €
  • Abdomen (female)
    40 €
  • Breast nipple area
    25 €
  • Upper arms (both)
    80 €
  • Lower arms (both)
    70 €
  • ‘Brazilian’ bikini
    100 €
  • Classic bikini
    80 €
  • Thighs (both)
    150-170 €
  • Shins (both)
    100 €
  • Shins and knees (both)
    150 €
  • Legs (shins, knees, thighs)
    250-300 €
  • Back
    135 €
  • Hands/feet (both)
    30 €
  • Gluteus
    40 €
  • Get 20 % of when you get laser hair removal treatment for three areas!