Bioreparation is the result of biorevitalization evolution. It is a new skin rejuvenation procedure where hyaluronic acid and a complex of skin rejuvenating components are used to moisturise skin, smoothen wrinkles, correct skin elasticity, stimulate cell regeneration, as well as own hyaluronic acid and collagen synthesis, which also has a positive effect on skin pigmentation. It is a restoration of skin self-regeneration functions and its rejuvenation.

Bioreparation procedure uses a unique products containing 56 active ingredients, pure hyaluronic acid, and 4 biomimetic peptides:
4 biomimetic peptides stimulate skin cell regeneration, smoothen fine wrinkles, positively affect the increased pigmentation of the skin, and has an anti-aging effect. The formula of peptides actively strengthens skin, increases its elasticity, as well as stimulates own hyaluronic acid and collagen synthesis.
1.5% hialuronic acid has a deep-moisturising effect on the skin.
24 amine acids (alanine, arginine, glycine, taurine, etc.) are essential nutrients for protein synthesis.
14 vitamins (vit. A, B6, E, B1, B7, B8, B2, K, B3, B12, B9, B5, C) stimulate skin and have antioxidant effect.
8 coenzymes and minerals (calcium chloride, magnesium sulphate, coenzyme A, etc.) protect skin from hazardous environment factors, maintains balance in the skin, and recovers enzyme system activity.

The skin is thoroughly cleaned before procedure and locally anaesthetised with an anaesthetising cream, if necessary. The product is introduced into the middle layer of the skin with a very thin needle. Immediately after the procedure, there are papulae (small „pimples“) which disappear in 2-4 days.

The procedure lasts about 30-60 minutes depending on the area to be treated.

The result can be noticed within the first few weeks after the procedure. The skin becomes more resilient and elastic, brighter and smooth; less rash and pigmentation occur; fine wrinkles become smoother.


  • Bioreparation of face area
    180 €
  • Bioreparation of décolletage and neck area
    210 €