Facial cleansing

Manual facial cleansing

Manual facial cleansing is the most popular and effective hygiene procedure for those who wish to have healthy and beautiful facial skin. The procedure includes skin cleansing, toning, and moisturising, followed by manual skin cleansing. Then concentrate and soothing mask are applied. Based on the condition of a skin, an ideal cream is chosen.

The procedure lasts about 90 minutes.

All impurities are manually removed from the skin during the procedure. As a result, all protective functions of the skin are recovered and it becomes brighter and apparently cleaner.

After procedure
Skin redness is possible on the same day; it gradually subsides and only some local red spots instead of former pimples can be seen the next day. Often temporary redness and swelling of facial skin occurs; bruising or minor wounds may occur. It is recommended to avoid using decorative cosmetic products or other facial skin products, going to sports club or solarium for 48 hours after treatment. The final results of clean skin can be noticed only in 2 weeks after the procedure, because skin needs time to heal and recover.

Ultrasonic facial cleansing

It is a particularly effective deep cleansing procedure using a modern ultrasonic device, which is suitable to any type of skin, even sensitive and problematic skin.

The procedure includes deep cleansing of pores by ultrasonic waves without damaging the epidermis. The high-frequency vibrations generated by the source of ultrasound mechanically acts on the contacting tissues. The pressure of tissues changes; microvibration occurs. The ultrasound stimulates hydration of epidermis and collagen synthesis, therefore it is used in skin care procedures for massage and saturating nutrients into the cells, as well as for deep cleansing.

The procedure lasts about 60 minutes.

Hardened skin cells are cleaned from the skin, decomposition products, such as contaminants, oil, and comedones are removed from sweat and sebaceous glands, pores shrink, skin becomes smoother, blood circulation and hydration of cells are stimulated.

After procedure
It is recommended to avoid using solarium and sunbathing for at least one day. More water should be consumed – at least 1.5-2 litres per day (human body cleans itself from toxins and speckles, and such processes require water).

Recommended number of procedures 3-8, one procedure in a week.


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